Muuzii is proudly the Official Mobile Translation Service Supplier for the 2015 World Police and Fire Games!

Come to Muuzii Booth at the Tech Lounge of Reston Town Center Athletes Village of the WPFG to discover the free mobile translator.

Muuzii helps you to become multilingual in few second! To start, text #gowpfg to 97969.

Muuzii – The world's most universal and flexible mobile language translation and language learning service

Muuzii – Break the language barrier with any mobile phone, at any time, and any place in the world

Muuzii Push – empowering global information sharing

Muuzii mTrans - allows travelers to explore the word, FREE from their data plan and Wi-Fi hotspots

Muuzii’s Language Translation Trial

Muuzii® invites you to try our language translation service before making a commitment to subscribe because we are confident you’ll love using Muuzii. Our free trial provides you FREE access to Muuzii®’s language translation service between English and 40 languages. The trial will allow you to use Muuzii®’s translation service for FREE for 7 days, up to 10 messages per day. At any time during the trial period, you may convert to Muuzii’s subscription service and begin unrestricted access to Muuzii’s service. START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW BY TEXTING #gotrial TO MUUZII’S SHORT CODE NUMBER 97969.

Muuzii’s Language Translation Service

Muuzii®’s language translation service, “mTrans,” is a real-time, instantaneous, free-form language translation service that delivers translations between English and 40 of the world’s leading languages simply by text (SMS) messaging. If you can text, you can gain access to complete freedom to communicate as a global citizen. Because Muuzii uses text messaging, Muuzii® works on any phone and any operating system; Muuzii® doesn’t need a smartphone or a smartphone “app” or access to a data plan or Wi-Fi hotspot. Muuzii® provides you with the world’s most universal and flexible mobile language translation service. Whether you need occasional translation help with people you casually encounter or people who provide services to you and your home, or if you are a global traveler, Muuzii provides you with complete freedom to communicate, to share and to explore.

Muuzii’s Enterprise Solution


Muuzii® ENTERPRISE is a platform that was developed to provide customers (commercial enterprise, or government agencies, or NGOs) a platform for accessing and managing their use of Muuzii®’s language translation and language learning services. The Muuzii® platform provides the customer with a self-managed system that provides access to the following:

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Muuzii® PUSH

Muuzii® PUSH is a platform that was developed as a broadcast messaging service for customers (commercial enterprise, or government agencies, or NGOs) who would like to have the ability to broadcast multi-lingual messages, information, educational content or news with their employees or clients or any target audiences desired. Muuzii® PUSH uses Muuzii®’s text messaging platform and language translation capabilities to provide this powerful capability in any of the 40 languages currently supported by Muuzii®.

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Muuzii is amazing, it has helped a great deal to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals. I love it! – Christina Sanez
Everyone out there using a translation app – stop and try Muuzii!!! It’s incredible! – Lauren Benti Valdiviezo
My real!! story about Muuzii. I was in a mall in Beijing, my favorite Chinese food are dumplings. In the food court saw a guy making dumplings, but since I’m a vegetarian, and there were too many options to choose from, I needed to tell the guy I wanted a order of veggie dumplings, and with no Internet available I could not use my translator app, so I wrote the word “vegetable” in my Muuzii translator, and a few minutes later I was enjoying my delicious veggie dumplings. That’s a real story, in a real situation where Muuzii comes so handy. Thank you Muuzii!!! – A True Travel Experience, Javier Lacayo