Customer Feedback

I found Muuzii very convenient for when you need a quick translate. Its simplicity makes it easy to use and to show others how to use. Does not require a data plan so virtually anyone with a cell phone can use it. – Albert Ciccone
We just want to thank our friends at Muuzii for sharing their AWESOME language services app with us at fairfax2015! The competition would not have been the same without a reliable translator – thank you! – wpfgmontreal2017
Muuzii is amazing, it has helped a great deal to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals. I love it! – Christina Sanez
Everyone out there using a translation app – stop and try Muuzii!!! It’s incredible! – Lauren Benti Valdiviezo
My real!! story about Muuzii. I was in a mall in Beijing, my favorite Chinese food are dumplings. In the food court saw a guy making dumplings, but since I’m a vegetarian, and there were too many options to choose from, I needed to tell the guy I wanted a order of veggie dumplings, and with no Internet available I could not use my translator app, so I wrote the word “vegetable” in my Muuzii translator, and a few minutes later I was enjoying my delicious veggie dumplings. That’s a real story, in a real situation where Muuzii comes so handy. Thank you Muuzii!!! – A True Travel Experience, Javier Lacayo