This is a reminder about the decommissioning of US mobile operator MetroPCS (CDMA). T-Mobile USA, which purchased MetroPCS, informed us that all of the remaining MetroPCS (CDMA) users will be migrated to MetroPCS (GSM) running on the T-Mobile network by June 22.

Please note the following impact on products:

  • SMS API users

The following identifiers will be decommissioned on June 22, 2015:

  • Carrier ID: 516
  • Network ID: METROPCSUS

Continue to use the following identifiers to reach MetroPCS GSM subscribers:

  • Carrier ID: 788, MetroPCS (GSM) or 79, T-Mobile US
  • Network ID: TMOBILEUS
  •  Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) users

End users on the METROPCSUS Network will be changed to the UNKNOWN network on June 22, 2015, and the METROPCSUS Network ID will be decommissioned shortly thereafter.