Translation with the help of a mobile phone is a great way for foreign language speakers to join the conversation.
Many people learn a language in a classroom or in front of a computer. This way of learning can be slow and take a lot of time. Plus the classes may not help you when real world events take place. For example, you may learn to say, “Where is the bus station?” but if you don’t understand all the possible replies you’re stuck.
You do not need a classroom, teacher, books, computer or the Internet to learn a language. Just Muuzii it! All you need is a cell phone with text service to use Muuzii Message and Muuzii Speak. Send us a text with the word you want to say or the question you want to ask in your language. We’ll text you the answer in the language you are trying to speak in seconds. If you have a data plan, then we’ll show you how to say it. Not sure how to spell it, share your phone to the other person and let them type it in for you. When the answer comes back, you can both read it on the phone. Now you’re talking.
That’s what makes Muuzii different. We help you in real world situations. It’s in your text. You choose when and how you want to Muuzii.