Bilingual English Spanish Stories On the Go

Bilingual English Spanish stories for parents and kids to read along with their children on their cell phone. Monthly subscription service delivers 7-8 pages of the story at a time, 96-pages a month, along with fun facts, hidden picture puzzles, and a bi-weekly quiz to test how much you have learned.
Maggie is a bit of a tomboy. Her dream is to grow up to be a superhero. She’d rather catch tadpoles than play with dolls. She likes tree climbing better than tea parties– and she has some cool friends that just happen to be a stink bug, a sugar bug and a spider! She and her bug buddies share stories about backyard adventures, nature, family, other countries, and much more. Maggie also learns along the way that part of having fun is learning about the importance of respect, being kind, and dependable. She’s an excellent role model for children everywhere!