On A Mission to Break the Language Barrier

Eric and Ling Fang founded Muuzii in 2007 after years helping people talk to each other in English and Chinese. Here is an interview with the founders:
Ling Fang: “In 1980, my brother Eric left China to study in the United States. Eric became the go-to interpreter for his English-speaking friends, classmates, and co-workers. Business people came to trust his understanding of English and Chinese to make a deal.”
Eric Fang: “I had a great time doing this and learned a lot. Back in China, my sister Ling Fang was also a trusted translator for businesses in China.”
“After years of breaking the language barrier for others, we teamed up to create Muuzii – the fastest and best mobile language learning service. We called the company Muuzii (“Moo-Z-ee”), the Chinese word “拇指,Mu Zhi” which means ‘thumbs up’ or ‘number one,’ or ‘the best’ in English.”
Ling Fang: “Our services were sent to millions of Chinese students via text message. In 2013, we partnered with AT&T to bring Muuzii to the U.S. Muuzii USA helps anyone that wants to speak English, Chinese and Spanish.”
Eric Fang: “Now when there is no one there to explain. Just Muuzii! It’s on your phone and at your service 24/7. Join the discussion.”

Our Mission

Break the language barrier and connect people in any language, anytime, anywhere across the globe through the mobile Internet.

Our Vision

Become the preferred service aggregator platform to deliver language learning content and services to mobile carrier subscriber network. Powered by Muuzii.