Talk to your employees and customers in multiple languages.

You need a way to talk to your employees, or patients, or customers. But they speak Spanish and you speak English. You’ve thought about taking a class or doing an online program but you don’t have the time. What happens if you use a phrase you’ve learned and they give you an answer you don’t expect?

Muuzii it!

All you need is a cell phone that can send and receive a text to get started. Send us a text with the word or phrase you need. Muuzii Message will send you the translation from our extensive library. We’ll even help you say the word or phrase with Muuzii Speak.
If they don’t understand what you said, you can show them the text. They can text us an answer in Spanish, we’ll send you the answer in English. The translation service works both ways – English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
If you need the correct word or phrase Muuzii It! Text us and we’ll send you the answer in seconds. There’s no need to look it up alphabetically like in a dictionary. We’ll find it for you so you can keep talking.
Muuzii is great way to ask for directions, order food, tell someone what you need, or find out what they are saying. You send us a text in Spanish and we’ll give you the answer in English – or the other way around. As members ask us for new words, we add them to our library. So we are always up to date on the latest words, phrases or slang expressions.
To hear how to say the words or phrases, you should get Muuzii Speak. Don’t worry if you can’t say the word. You can just show the text to the other person and they can read it in a language they understand. Now you’re talking.