Muuzii® ENTERPRISE is a platform that was developed to provide customers (commercial enterprise, or government agencies, or NGOs) a platform for accessing and managing their use of Muuzii®’s language translation and language learning services. The Muuzii® platform provides the customer with a self-managed system that provides access to the following:

  • Administrative rights for the activation, use and termination of Muuzii®’s services to the customer’s subscribers.
  • All of Muuzii®’s mTrans mobile language translation services English to 40 languages
  • Muuzii® Speak, a value-added service that sends an audio file of the desired translation to the subscriber.
  • Muuzii®’s language learning tools, including Muuzii® School, Muuzii® WORD OF THE DAY, Muuzii® FLASH and Muuziiments.

Under Muuzii®’s ENTERPRISE platform, all subscriber transactions are recorded to provide the customer with full accounting of use to support the creation of necessary reports and auditing requirements, including support for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) compliance.
Each subscriber to Muuzii®’s ENTERPRISE platform may be assigned customer defined tagging labels to facilitate the data mining analysis and resulting reports. For example, each subscriber phone number could be tagged with their name, title, department, work shift, age, education level achieved, address, etc., and these then become elements for filtering the data collected for analysis and conclusions.
The service is set-up with each customer to address their specific needs including languages, administrative rights/needs/processes, reports, and configurations.
Muuzii® offers three standard bundled packages (Basic, Plus, and Premium) to address most user needs. A fourth optional package, Muuzii® Max-Flex that provides a customized solution if the standard packages do not meet the customer’s needs.
Muuzii®’s services can be purchased as individual subscriptions or as a volume-based bundled package.