Muuzii® PUSH

Muuzii® PUSH is a powerful feature and capability provided under Muuzii®’s ENTERPRISE platform that allows organizations to broadcast important messages, surveys, questionnaires, tests to subscribers. And, Muuzii®’s PUSH feature is the basis for Muuzii®’s ability to broadcast its Language Learning program, that includes Muuzii® SCHOOL, Muuzii® WORD OF THE DAY, Muuzii® PHRASE OF THE DAY, Muuzii® FLASH CARDS and Muuzii®’s CULTURAL EXPLORATION.
Muuzii®’s PUSH capability, when combined with Muuzii®’s TAGGING feature allows an organization to broadcast specific messages, surveys, questionnaires and tests to selected users, based on filtering TAGGING criteria, as well as scheduling such broadcast messages to specific users of specific dates.