Mobile translation company Muuzii has released its real-time, free-form translation service in the North American market, via a partnership with AT&T. Muuzii’s technology has been in development since 2009, with a version of the service already available in China. It allows mobile users to enter phrases via text message to receive accurate translations in return, while taking into account jargon, misspellings, auto-correct errors and more.
Muuzii’s platform is available in two forms: Muuzii Message and Muuzii Speak. Both are available by subscription, and are accessible (currently) by any AT&T, text-enabled device. With Muuzii Message, the translation is text-to-text, while Muuzii Speak includes an audio translation of the response, used in a conversational context.
With every translation request, the technology becomes smarter, “learning” new trending phrases and providing “increasingly accurate and nuanced translations” to users. Particularly unique requests are sent to human translators in real time to ensure the response is the proper translation.
The platform supports Spanish-English, English-Spanish and English-Chinese translations for North American users, with more languages in the works. In addition, other North and South American carriers will receive the service in the coming months.
“Muuzii is a new kind of tool for practical day-to-day conversation,” says CEO Eric Fang. “In the workplace, in a business setting, at a physician’s office – anywhere language is a barrier, subscribers can simply ‘speak Muuzii” to communicate with ease and confidence. It’s right there in your pocket when you need it.”