Real-time, free form language translation service.

Your life is busy. Always on the go. There is no time to enroll in a class to learn the language. And online courses that require Wi Fi or the Internet won’t work. English is important. It will help you get a better job and what you need.

Muuzii Us!

All you need is a cell phone that can send and receive a text to get started. When you need to know how to say something . . . Muuzii it! Send us a text with the word or phrase you need. We’ll send you the translation from our large library of words.
If you speak Spanish and want to say something in English, text us in Spanish and we’ll reply in English. We’ll even help you say the word or phrase.
Someone’s talking to you but you don’t know what he or she said. Muuzii it! Ask the person to type what they want to say in English into a Muuzii Message or Muuzii Speak text. We’ll text you the answer in Spanish. Now you’re talking!