Language Translation

Muuzii®’s Language Translation products and services provide the essential resources needed by anyone desiring to learn another language. Trying to learn another language with traditional methods and programs, which include books, CDs, on-line programs, are worthless at critical moments when a person cannot remember the translation for words and phrases. This is why Muuzii® Language Translation products and services are a key component of any comprehensive language learning program.
Muuzii®’s platform is dramatically different than other competitive mobile language translation products because Muuzii®’s solution is based on simple text messaging. Therefore, if you can text, you can translate.  And because Muuzii® uses text messaging to accomplish translations, Muuzii®’s language translation products will work on any phone, anytime and any place, including internationally. Competitive products require that you use a smartphone with an “app” connected to an expensive data plan or to a restrictive connection to a Wi-Fi hotspot.


Muuzii®’s baseline product, mTrans, is Muuzii®’s mobile translation solution offering a real-time, on-demand, language translation service that delivers translations between English and 40 languages by simply using text (SMS) messaging. If you can text, you can translate.


Muuzii® also offered an optional, enhanced mobile translation product , mSPEAK that sends BOTH the requested translation by text messaging AND an audio file of the translated message. This audio file can then be played to provide an audible message for the intended communications, or, this audio file can be used to help the student with pronunciation of the translated word/phrase.