The 3rd U.S.-China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) will be held May 14th-15th, 2018 in Houston, Texas. As UCIS partner, Washington, DC based National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD) team including its US and China partners lead by Mr. Mitchell Stanley, Chairman and Mr. Eric Fang, President will participate UCIS 2018 Summit.
The 2018 UCIS Summit has received great support from the Chinese and American governments, providing valuable resources and crucial access to facilitate and promote collaboration between innovative technology companies, preferred investors, small business accelerators and incubators from the US and China. Growing over the past two years, this event has become one of the signature international investment summits in the southern United States! The UCIS 2018 will bring together more than 500 participants: approximately 150 representatives of technology companies and 200 investors from China, and more than 200 representatives of innovative technologies and companies from the U.S. who are seeking cross-border opportunities across a range of focused industries.
“On the occasion of the 2018 US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) we meet again in Houston, Texas to share ideas, needs, challenges and successes in using technology and cooperation to manage and build a more inclusive, optimistic and more verdant future. China and the US are not on a collision course rising out of competition but a cooperative parallel course rooted in our mutual history, shared values and long term interests. China and America share a two hundred year history of beneficial trade, shared sacrifice and shared educational innovation and achievement. This conference, growing as it does each year; with the best of America and China, is a valuable opportunity for learning and relationship building in the City of Houston which is sometimes described as ‘China’s gateway to the United States.’” stated Mr. Mitchell Stanley, Chairman of NCSD.
As a partner of UCIS 2018, NCSD is actively engaging small business innovations in investment, technology and market access. NCSD is providing a vital work of helping to build the cooperative bridge in renewable energy, environment, agriculture nutrient recycling, life science and healthcare sectors between Chinese and American small businesses.