Out of the Classroom Into the Real World

It‘s freedom and flexibility to learn a language on the go. Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) uses your mobile gadgets – cell phones and smart phones, e-Readers, and tablets – to translate a word or phrase, practice vocabulary, and take a class. People enjoy MALL because it’s handy.
Schools and businesses use MALL to take learning out of the classroom and put language to use in the real world. You can test what you’ve learned. Experts agree mobile learning is: [1]

  • Easy. You don’t need a classroom or a computer.
  • Real. Happens where you live, work and play.
  • Handy. You can use it during down time – waiting for a meeting, standing in line, and traveling.
  • Simple. Everyone knows how to use mobile gadgets.
  • Helpful. You remember more because it’s given to you in bite sized pieces.
  • Powerful. Let’s you decide how, when and where you want to learn.
  • Cool. Builds your confidence you can put what you’ve learned to use.
  • Thoughtful. Gets you to think about what you are learning and how you can put it to use.
  • Friendly. Many opportunities to share what you’ve learned with friends, or ask for help and get advice.

[1] “Mobile Learning Made Easy,” Naomi Norman, T + D, December 2011, pg. 52.