Muuzii is not an app. Muuzii Message and Muuzii Speak are monthly paid subscription services that are always growing. Each day we add more words, daily chats, common phrases, jokes and industry jargon. If it’s being talked about, we’ll add it to the mix.

We’re a way for you to communicate in a language they’ll understand. You get on-call, real world information that’s better than canned phrases. And it’s not limited to the size of the dictionary.

Millions of people call on us to speak the language. Over the last seven years, we’ve shown Muuzii can quickly send correct translations to a growing family of subscribers.

On the other end, our team of skilled linguists and database of frequent translation requests is at your service 24/7. Our team uses a large catalogue of language pairs to translate from one language to many.

Have cell phone . . . just Muuzii me. Our text based solution works with all carriers and on every device. No Wi-Fi or Internet connection required.